Photo Restoration and Enhancements

Phil Young Photography can restore, enhance, change or fix almost any photograph and our rates are very competitive. For more information and pricing. Place your mouse pointer over images to see before photograph.

Photo Restoration

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Restore your memories to their original look. It is better to restore or fix old photos before aging, damage or oxidisation takes away detail and information. However we can restore almost any old or damaged photograph to its original look and many times even better. With your photograph restoration you will receive the photograph on disk.

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Photo enhancements

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Sometimes the perfect wedding photograph has the not so perfect blink or needs that extra special touch to bring out the feel and emotion of the moment or there are some wrinkles the wedding photographer could not get the camera to leave out. All of these problems can be fixed and more. People in the photographs can have glamour and fashion fixes which include changes to skin tone, lines, blemishes, eyes, body shape and lighting. If you feel a photograph needs a change or revamp people can be removed or rearranged. It is a great advantage for your wedding knowing the perfect photo will be perfect.

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Phil Young Photography Blue Mountains 10 minutes from Penrith

Photo restoration and enhancement for the Blue Mountains, Penrith, Western Sydney, Nepean, Hawkesbury, Hills District and greater Sydney Area

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Wedding photography as rich and vibrant as the smile on your face and the warmth in your heart

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Family, couples or individual portraits in a relaxed and natural setting of your choice or we can suggest locations. Our location portraits are almost studio quality.

 Wedding Makeup & Hair that enhances your natural beauty

Commercilal Photography that ensures your product is captured to capture attention

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We can enhance or bring back that perfect image or memory

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